Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday the 13th and your worst nightmare

THIS is your worst nightmare! To receive a phone call that your child has just been in a car accident and the car is totaled. I have never flown out of the house as fast as I did yesterday, Friday the 13th of all days. Didn't even put socks on and Shawn was barefooted. I tried to get to the scene as fast as I could. She was not to far from the house. 92 and Macland. It was just trying to get thru all the rush hour traffic on a Friday afternoon. I had asked her to leave her club early at school and go apply for a job that I saw was hiring. So she did. And this is what happened.

Kayla was at fault. She looked down for a split second and that was all it took. No time to react...enough time to slam on her brakes but not enough to stop. Her air bag deployed. By the time I got there they were putting her in the ambulance to take her to Paulding Hospital. I tried to get what I could out of her car and make sure that the other girl was okay, another senior. Her car was not damaged near as bad. Kayla was in shock, and crying and starting to swell on her arms and face.

Her dad got there and I left him with the car and the troopers while I took her boyfriend and me to the Emergency Room. They gave her some pain meds and did xrays on her arm, jaw and chest. Her arm was swelling so we feared she had fractured it. She had scraps on her arm and chin (raw and deep), her face and arms were starting to show burns where the airbag had burned her. Her poor chin looks awful. We still aren't sure what caused the cuts on her chin. She has seat belt bruising along her abdomin and her chest. The other drive was fine. No injuries, thank God. Kayla took the brunt of everything I think.

We left the ER with instructions that she would be in a lot of pain today. Which she is. Her jaw hurts which I think is from clenching her teeth tight. We went today to finish cleaning out her car and to sign the title over to the impound lot. Otherwise it was $150 wrecker service bill and $20 a day impound fee until the car was gone. We couldn't afford that and really...what was we going to do with that car. The tow truck driver pointed out that her steerwheel was bent back badly so she must of braced her self against it with her arms and bent it.

I am so thankful. So very thankful. And in talking with others last night....the other girl had been friends with Jon and Riana...the same officers worked Jon and Riana's wreck and the same tow truck driver towed the car.....very eerie. Jon and Riana were friends of Kayla's. Jon especially was close. They both died in an accident 2 years ago. It was devestating. It is always my greatest fear that I will lose a child in a car accident. And after going to 4 teenager funerals in 2 years from still scares me. I thank God that she was okay and not seriously hurt. It could of been so much worse. So much. I am thankful she had her seat belt on. I'm thankful for that airbag because otherwise it could of crushed her chest or face. I'm just thankful! So very thankful.

So now we go back to the old days or riding the bus and mom picking up and taking. I guess I took for granted her driving her self everywhere. But she is safe. So I am not going to complain.

Friday the 13th..not such a lucky day. And if you like a little humor...her court date is schedule for April Fools Day! Go figure


Laurajean said...

OMG Becky....I am so glad that Kayla is okay, how scary for her and you. I'm praying for your entire family...such a scary situation to go through.{{hugs}}
If you need anything, just hollar!!!

rachel whetzel said...

Becky, I'm SO GLAD she's OK!! Thanks for sharing. Wow. Scary stuff. Still... pretty funny about April Fools... lol

R said...


Genevieve said...

So thankful that in the grander scheme of things, she's all right. My dad always says, "Cars can be replaced. People can't." Glad she's ok. Hugs.

Griffith family said...

hey becky its renee, how scary for you mommy! i am so glad she is ok,lots of prayers she gets better quick!

latte_grande said...

Omg, poor Kayla! Poor YOU!! I can't even imagine what you were feeling as you left the scary! Glad she's okay now! {{{{hugs}}}}

Holly said...

I am sorry to hear this! I hope Kayla is feeling better and I am GLAD to hear she is OK! SO so scary and like you I would have run out with no socks etc.. HUGS to you!