Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Slacking on posting

I know I am a slacker. I keep forgetting to update here.

Billy is doing pretty good. He is still hurting which I assume is normal. But then again...I don't think he has a high pain tolerance. Or at least mine is higher than his. I guess dealing with back pain every day just makes you more tolerable?

Shawn got signed up for next years classes already. He is going to take Honors Social Studies. Not sure what is up with that but his teacher suggested it? And he is dropping foreign language for the year (he already has 2 years of Spanish) and will take Architectural Drawing and also Graphic Drawing. Guess he is serious about a Architectural career. I told him he needs to be a Social Studies teacher since he loves it so much. But anyway...he needs one more year of foreign language so he said he would take French or Latin his junior year. Should be interesting. They actually have to pick 7 classes for next year. kinda weird. But maybe...just maybe if he plays his cards right he can graduate with a dual diploma? I am not sure if the two electives he chose would fall under Technical but I need to find out.

Getting Kayla ready for prom. Almost have everything. Bought the tickets. Got to take the dress to be cleaned and hemmed. Almost there. It's next month. WOW.

She still hasn't found a job. No luck with the skating rink. Not sure why. I wish she would of asked why. She went Saturday and applied at 10 more places. Only 1 was hiring. I don't think she will ever find a job. This is crazy.

I bought some more fabric Saturday. I know I am nuts. So I made 2 tie blankets Saturday night. Those are sooooo easy. I am going to buy some more fabric this weekend and make some baby blankets. I think I will make up a bunch if I can and get my booth ready for September =). So now I have 4 Christmas presents done already. How about that...woohooo! I showed one to my mom and she loved it so I know she will love the one I made for her. And I bought some fabrics in blue and can't wait to get started on that one. But I have some Scrapbook layouts I need to get done and posted first. One project at a time. That is my new goal.

Finished book 11 of the Anita Blake series...almost done with book 12. I don't know what I will do when I am done reading. That has been great to do each evening.

I guess that is all for now. Nothing much going on this week. I am stressing about my weight again. It's just not coming off and I don't know what else to do. We are doing taxes Saturday and hoping for money so that I can get a new computer before mine dies. Next week will be a busy one but until then....

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R said...

Great catch up.
I'm thinking if I had a dentist standing in a chair above my head with a wretch and com'along to pull five teeth- I'd be a little whinnEE myself.
I mean- pick five for yourself to come outta your mouth- any five -no?
Three. Pick any three. Yes- go ahead.
OH! Don't forget the jaw joint-
Pull and push beyond its intended limits and see if you don't think your shoulders have been mis-located for a few days.
Yeah- perils of good denial health.
But-remind him- extracting them ALL would have been MUCH cheaper...