Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome to the New Year

so far so good =)
But I am ready to get back to regular schedules. This off one day, work 1/2 a day, off two day thing is driving me nuts. It's been nice but still driving me nuts. I am ready for the kids to get back to school...although this is final week and I am very worried about Shawn's math. He needs to pull that rabbit out of a magic hat and pass this class.

So far in the new year....

  • I did not make the Pink Paislee DT...but that is okay. Did you see who did. WOW. Didn't have a chance is all I can
  • I did submit my first page for the new year. 4 to be exact. That's a start right.
  • I did scrap a page...finally.
  • Started a new book...I was hesitant but I am kinda getting into it now.
  • Worked on some genealogy. Found a few Death Certificates, added a few people I didn't have, found a few people that will be great connections for information, and have two new branches to search and work on. Gotta love those brick walls and challenges.
  • Made some decisions on a friendship that I have put a lot into and just don't receive anything back. It's sad...and I know some of you understand...I just can't keep giving ya know.
  • My DT term ended with IAmAScrapaholic. I am sad but it was a very fun year and I plan on sticking around with those wonderful ladies there. Can't wait to see what the new DT does.
  • TRYING to get DH to finish the bathroom. Trying is the key word.

Off to a great start I think

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R said...

Oooo! You should see my scrapbook room! A new coat of paint! Furniture reconfigured- dusted. Vac'ing. (Notice that has a ING on it-)
Three tables- One of scrapbook etc.
#2. Is photography etc.
#3. Is the dead table. And you know what I mean by that too....
Its over in the dark corner of the room- right where it should be I guess.
Lovin' my Family Tree mag.