Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I will not get mad...

I will not get mad...I will not get mad....
Here it is final week. The kids are in review for their finals next week. And my son is failing math. Not a simple 65 or something like that...no it is a 50! How in the T total heck is he going to get that up. He has passed 4 of the quizs out of what.....8 or so this year so far. I just don't see it happening. And I can't get anyone to tell me what happens now. Does he go to summer school for that 1/2 of a year? Does he repeat that 1/2 next year. Someone please tell me! I am trying to pull him out of this Advanced Math class...he is drowning. And he want admit that it is to hard for him. PLUS...have you seen what they teach in Math?? That is just crazy. When I was in the 9th grade I was just learning Algebra. Crap...some of this stuff he is learning...I have no CLUE what it is or how to figure it out. It's crazy. I just think kids are expected to know way to hard of stuff to early. But then that is just me. And I have never been a fan of math nor do I agree with how some of the math things have been handled with the state in the last few years but....that is another post that I probably shouldn't get into.

Anyway....he is exempted 3 tests next week and I think my daughter is exempting 3 also. Wouldn't it of been wonderful if we could of exempted tests when we were in school. Yet another subject that I don't agree on for another time...lol.

It's raining. I am about sick of the rain at this point. I finished painting the trim in my bathroom. It's okay I guess. I am just in a sour mood I reckon. And the dogs are about to drive me up the wall. Geeshhh I think I need a drink.

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R said...

Well- we won't hava go far honey bunny.
We can drink too much and SING REAL LOUD and I bet your dogs would hush and say, "Hey! That's my mama a'singin'!"