Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Wow can it really be so. Can 2009 be here in less than 24 hours?? Seriously. That is just insane. Can you believe that 20 years ago I was getting ready to graduate high school!! eek! and as 2008 closes and 2009 begins...I am getting ready to get MY baby ready to graduate high school. Man where does the time go.

a little recap of 2008.

It was a very busy and crazy year.
  • Kayla turned 18
  • Shawn turned 15
  • Both of my kids are in High School
  • Shawn failed the Math CRCT which was a shock to us all but he recovered, retook it, and is now in Advanced Math in High School (struggling a lot but I am still proud of him)
  • Kayla got her first job working as a Summer Camp Counselor. It's a shame she can't seem to find another job that is full time
  • I had several more pages published...with Somerset and Scrapbooking & Beyond
  • I made the Gutter Girlz Design Team and my term with IAmAScrapaholic Design Team came to a close. Still working strong with Serendipitykits!
  • I had surgery in the Summer. It was a scary time because I worried about cancer, with things going on in my body that shouldn't...but once it was all over and done it was the best thing I have done
  • Kayla began the process of having her tooth implant. It will be a long road but the worst is behind us and soon she will have a gorgeous smile again without worrying about retainers
  • We spent way to much money on senior pictures that turned out FANTASTIC and reminded me just how beautiful Kayla is (that is when she isn't being a typical 18 year old pain in my tush)
  • I helped my Aunt Ramona paint and paint and paint my nanny's house which is being remodeled. It is fun but at the same time sad
  • We spent a week in Gatlinburg for our family vacation BUT...this was the first time we weren't a complete family. Kayla stayed home for the very first time and did not go with us
  • EPHS made it to the state playoffs again. Way to go EPHS
  • the Raider Brigade did wonderful in their marching competition season. It was bitter sweet watching Kayla this year knowing that this would once again be the last time I got to "be" at competitions.
  • My neice Rachael had a beautiful boy, Landon, in October. He is a wonderful addition to the Thackston family
  • I have continued to hound and work on the Thackston genealogy tree. I have made lots of wonderful connects and made huge leaps in finding information and pictures. It's really been a fun ride that I don't want to end.
  • We redone our will continue into 2009 =(
  • Shawn received his learners permit. eek...two teenage drivers in the house. This is a problem
  • we actually thought about buying land over at the Lake..where the old trailor park used to be. I hope that it works out that we can. I would love to have a little part of my families land. But the cards just have to fall just right.
  • Shawn was the mascot for the EPHS football team. He was hilarious in that uniform. Even made it on the front cover of the school magazine.

Well that is all I can think of this morning that jumps out at me as milestones from this past year. I know this next year will be FULL of adventures. We start the application process for colleges. Kayla graduates in June. She turns 19. I plan on becoming a submitting fool to magazines and Design Teams. oh my it will be a busy year indeed! Hope you will join me for the ride =)


R said...

I'm very proud of you!
Many accomplishments and all to your benefit I might add!

emily said...

Sounds like 2008 was a great year for the family! I'm sure 2009 will be even better. Keep scrapping and I'll join ya!