Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blast from the past

Check it out. Why not a Blast from the Past. Since we are just under 5 months from my daughter graduating...exactly 20 years from the day that I graduated. Scarey huh! So I thought I would grace you with my senior picture AND Kayla's!
She passed everything this semester...woohoooo! And Shawn....well he squeezed by like nothing I have seen before. He barely passed many things. And he was taken out of Advanced Math and put into Math 1 (regular class) and given a passing grade. That is the ONLY thing that saved his tush from Summer School! I need to tie a knot in his tail!
Kayla went to the dr today for an infected area she had near her ear. We were worried it was staff. They gave her a very strong antibiotic just in case.
We have Shawn's Court of Honor this evening so no play time for me. I have been enjoying reading my new books...and for those interested ;) it is the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. I am on book 6 now in about a week and a half. Not bad huh ;)


latte_grande said...

Ooooo, book 6, huh? Is it The Killing Dance? That one's my FAVORITE!! Omg, if that's the one you're reading, you're going to LOVE it!!
Okay, enough gushing. lol
Love your senior pictures! Kayla definitely takes after her beautiful mama. ;)

R said...

Are you the hottie tottie!
I can't believe it!
How cute!