Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Tuesday

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far.

I for one am kinda bummed. We started our new 8 week WW group at work last week and I have gained 3 lbs since Wednesday. Not sure what is up with that. So now I am almost 6 lbs more than I was back in November. And I have been working out and really trying hard. Not sure why this is always so hard for me. We worked out yesterday and will work out tomorrow. I'm a little sore from yesterdays work out but not to bad.

Trying to get Kayla ready for the prom. She is wearing a dress of mine, we got her jewelry saturday and we have the ride taken care of. Just need to buy the shoes, get the dress hemmed and buy a few other items and we are done.

This week is test finals at school for the kids. I'm crossing my fingers that Shawn passed his math yesterday. Otherwise...he is screwed (for lack of a better word).

Still enjoying the books I'm reading. The only bad thing about reading is it takes me away from my other stuff so I really haven't scrapped since the first of the year. Kinda sad but.....I have just wanted to read so the scrapping will come in due time. Maybe this weekend =)

We have Shawn's court of honor Thursday. He will be patrol leader again for 6 months. Hopefully he will be pretty close to finishing his Eagle paperwork by then. I sure hope so. He is ready to get out of Scouts. It's been a long ride that is for sure. I think the fumes are hitting him and scouts is just not a priority right now so the quicker we get him Eagle the better.

alrighty...off to work I go


Christine said...

not scrapping since the new year is bad. eagle scout and prom is great! don't fret about weight gain....your working out, your muscles are expanding=totally normal! just wait until that metabolism kicks in and then it's look out world!

R said...

Does Christine hire out?
I could use a doze of her everyday!

latte_grande said...

Hi, Becky! Remember me? lol
Don't stress about the slight gain...muscle weighs more than fat, so you really need to look at how your clothes are fitting instead of what the scale says. Also, have you ever had your thyroid checked? If that puppy's out of whack, then you'll have a tougher time losing weight....I know there are a lot of other problems that arise from having an over- or under-producing thyroid, too. Soooo, just get it checked, if you haven't already! :)

Which books are you reading, btw? Maybe you should do a layout on them?