Sunday, January 18, 2009

An end to the weekend

Can't believe how fast the weekend went by.

We headed out today to REI and finished getting Shawn's camping gear and food for this coming up survival weekend. Found me a few great deals while we were there. Made the boys go to JoAnn's with me to buy fabric. THAT was hilarious I just might add. I'm stressing and having an anxiety attach about making sure I have the right fabric and the right colors. I ended up going for a country red theme and only 4 fabrics. I didn't get flannel like I wanted...first they didn't have hardly any flannel colors to choose from and DH swore that the ones I got would look nice and be a good test quilt. SOOOOOO $50 later I have 8 yrds of fabric and batting. HELLO. I might just stick with buying Christmas presents instead of making them. This might get pretty expensive ya think?? Well then I went to Kohls and felt better after I got me a few!

We are cooking out steaks and shirmp tonight. Yes...grilling out in 30 degree

Got a few layouts done. Here is the first one. Was just playing around with some new papers I got and some flowers I bought at Michael's. And then the January 15th prompt was released on the Gutter Girlz blog. You really need to check out all the layouts uploaded...they are amazing. Here is mine... I really enjoyed going thru all my old pictures to put this one together. Don't forget to link us to your layout when your done with the prompt.

And...last but not least...if you don't mind going to Serendipity and leaving a comment. I made this cute altered box for the January giveaway. All you need to do is leave a comment about your top 5 resolutions/goals for the new year. We will draw a name on the 24th. Maybe it will be you!!!
And I finally bought book 7 and 8 with the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. It is really getting good. I should finish book 6 tonight or tomorrow.
oh and by the way...if anyone in the Hiram/Dallas area reads my blog.....if you know of any jobs out there or..goodness...I even hate to ask...but can pull some strings and get my daughter a job....will you PLEASE. She has just about lost all faith in jobs. A year now of looking and Nothing. Simply nothing.

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R said...

Yeah shoppin wil cure WHATEVER is ailing ya.
Works everytime.