Tuesday, December 9, 2008

this weeks happenings...

Well...I am sick AGAIN! went to the dr today but he says he feels it is just allergies. What in the world would spark allergies in DECEMBER? Okay....will go with the flow here. He game me sinus medication which is not covered under my insurance...which cost $150...which I didn't fill...and I just got some Claritin and will give that a try. I have fluid on my ear which is driving me crazy but no infections just yet. If this doesn't clear up he wants me to see an ENT for a culture since I was just sick a month ago. yuck. Go away cooties please.

Nothing seems to be helping though...still can't breathe. sigh. Oh and I learned a valuable lesson last night. NEVER...and I repeat NEVER...take Sudafed before you go to bed. yeah. I could of scrapped all night long. I didn't go to bed until 3 am and had to get up at 5. What a lovely day!

I haven't felt much up to doing anything. I have a layout on my desk that I have been working on for 4 days now. Just don't feel up to working on it. Spent wayyyyy to much money at Target the last few days. Did I mention...way to much!

Still so much left to do. Tomorrow is Billy's birthday. He will be 48! I am hoping that a lady will have for me a very special cake for him! Should be very special since it is going to cost a pretty penny...but I think it will be super cute. Then Thursday is my friend Dorothy's birthday. Friday I guess Billy and I will go out for our birthday's together before the kids have a coniption fit that I haven't been taken out to eat yet. And Saturday we have a party to go to. Sunday...I think I will work on making plates of sweets for work and Billy's work. We will see I guess. I am not that great on making cookies and such. Can't believe the kids only have 2 weeks left of school. Shawn has 4....yes FOUR...major tests just in one class in 2 weeks. Did I mention he is already failing the class with a 47! Stress I tell ya...these kids are killing me with stress.

Okay....lots to do...house to clean. etc. etc.

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