Sunday, December 7, 2008

Update time I guess

What a week it has been. Very busy that is for sure. Kayla got a good report at the oral surgeons office. We go back in another 2 weeks. Her retainer still doesn't fit. But we will wait about 3 more months before the next step of the surgery.
We attended the parade yesterday. Kayla was holding the EPHS band banner. We really embarressed her which was funny. Then we went to the Christmas in the Woods campout where it preceeded to be 27 degrees! It was F'n cold that is for sure. When I got home 30 minutes later my toes were solid red and hurt really bad! I don't know how the boys are sleeping in that stuff. They will be home some time today and I can pretty much guess shawn will be sick soon. I was just there 5 hours and my throat hurts so bad this morning along with my sinuses! He is running for Senior Patrol Leader again today. I really hope he gets it again.
Here is my layout with the December kit for Serendipitykits. I loved this kit with all the red sparkles. I have another project to upload on the blog and then I need to get busy on another layout. I've just been trying to find the perfect pictures to go with this paper.
can you believe the year is winding down? I can't. Just 18 more days until christmas. WOW.
My Aunt Ramona bought a Rosemary tree to plant at my nanny's headstone this year. So that I can decorate it for Christmas. We will take care of that today along with 50 zillion errands I need to get done.

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Looks like you have some new ornaments-