Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back from the dr again

yep took another visit to the dr and one antibiotic shot and one steroid shot later...I have a sinus infection, fluid on the ear and just a nasty upper respitory yuck. So I have antibiotics, steroids and a decongestant. At the same time Kayla was at the oral surgeon because her implant area was inflammed and swollen so she came home with more antibotics and prescription mouthwash...anyone else want some meds??? Will ship you off to the dr.


Christine said...

get better becky! hugs girl.

Kathy Carr said...

This sounds like what I had along with a sore throat that felt like I was swallowing glass. After three weeks and three different antibotics, I'm starting a feel normal again but I still cough now and then. It was awful! I hope you're feeling better!