Sunday, December 21, 2008

Only 4 more day

I'm getting excited. just 4 more days until Christmas morning. I am only working Monday and Tuesday of this week so it will be a good week :)

We are not having our family get together on christmas eve which sad for me. This will be the first time in 37 years, that I have been alive, that we are not having our get together. It breaks my heart actually. But I told my husband and kids that we will gather at the games...and watch a movie and just start our own, new, Christmas Eve tradition. I really miss my nanny this year..its harder this year..and not having our family get together just makes it even harder missiner her..but I know it will be okay. Deep down I know it will. I went over to her house yesterday to see how they were coming. My aunt started renovating it after she passed away. It is beautiful. My gosh if my cousin wasn't moving in there I would buy this house. Hardwood floors thru out. Beautiful lighting. the walls are so pretty (I helped paint about 30% of them), the front door is gorgeous...solid oak. My nanny would be so happy I really believe she would be.

On a different note...I'm feeling some better. Not as bad on the chest pain but just feels like someone has beat me in the chest. Hurts to breathe deep. But no sharp pains as I was having last week. BP is still higher than I would like. Still gave gained some weight which I hate. We want have any results from the blood work until Monday or Tuesday. I sure hope its not an ulcer.

Hubby is going "Christmas" shopping this morning. I know he is trying to find me something which I told him not too. But he doesn't like me not having something under the tree. Me on the other hand...I love watching everyone else open their gifts so I don't really want anything. Oh well. I think I am losing that battle.

Only 4 more days...woohoo


R said...

And I 'm hoping your gift fr me gets here as well.
I'm guessing the delivery man and Santa have not crossed paths- or Rudolph has complained about the price of gas crawling back up...

emily said...

Yes, he needs to get you something for under the tree...regardless of what you're saying. You deserve it, my dear.