Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm over it!

simply over it. I am tired of not feeling well.
Last night I scared my self silly waking up to intense chest pains, sweats and nausea...I just knew it was something bad. Today it feels like someone has punched me in the chest. My BP was 148/100 at the drs a bit ago. HELLO HIGH! not good considering it was just 112/78 last week huh.

Dr. took a tube of blood to send off to see if I have an ulcer??? EKG was okay. I'm tired. And I just need some relaxing sleep or a day of just nothing. Why can't I get a prescription for that.


R said...

Trying to explode back there?
Bruised I guess!

R said...

Did you consider going to the ER?
You'll wake up dead doing that!
Did you wake up the spouse?
I'm surprised your heartbeat didn't throw him outta bed!

emily said...

Becky, hope you're doing better now. Getting more and more worried about ya, GF.