Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas EVE!!!

I love Christmas Eve. The anticipation of the kids waking up in the morning. I just love it. I loved it because we always gathered at my grandmothers house for dinner and then to open presents. Even though I love Christmas Eve I am sad today because we will not be having our traditional Nanny's gathering. Everyone was to busy. A tradition that I have been apart of for 37 years. But this evening I swore to myself we would start a new one. Billy, the kids and I are going to maybe play a game and we will watch Jeff Dunhams Christmas special...laugh...and just enjoy being together. Get the kids to bed and then make their stockings. We actually aren't doing any Santa wrapping gifts this year...another odd change to tradition. But I have all their presents except two already under the tree.

Today I am going to finish cleaning...maybe head out to Khols so I can return a pair of jeans. I have to make a grocery store run for some milk and chips.

I hope everyone reading this has a very Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday. You are each very dear to me!

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