Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.

We began this morning with something that I love more than anything son running into our room and crawling into bed with us. He has done that since he was a baby. He drags his stocking in with him and sets there and goes thru it. So we have no choice but to get up. Then Kayla came sleep eyed into the room, crawled into bed, and opened hers. Then Billy and I opened ours. It was fun and I was really shocked with everything that Billy bought for me. He even bought me and Kayla mani's and pedi's so that we could go together.

this year was a little different as Santa didn't leave a pile of stuff in the floor for the kids. But instead I had Shawn pull out all the presents underneath the tree and hand them out. Last he saw this big black thing under the tree...his guitar. He was super excited. But Kayla kept looking and looking cause she didn't see what she had wanted. Little did she know I had it wrapped up and the last gift she would open.

the kids had fun opening everything. They both got lots of clothes. Shawn got his guitar and an Xbox game. Kayla gave him this thing that hangs in the door so that he can do pull ups. Kayla got clothes, a Senior 09 sweatshirt, Shawn got her a CD and she finally opened what she really wanted...her Nintendo DS and a game. Billy got flannel shirts and then I got my present. The family bought me my Blackberry Curve 8210. Although I could whip them for spending that much money on it. the sad thing is I lost 2 presents. I had bought Kayla Mario cart to go with her DS and Billy some Tshirts but I can't find them. They vanished.

Now we are waiting for my parents to get here...oh wait...I hear them pulling up now..gotta run!


jensmack said...

Merry Christmas!

I just got a blackberry curve too! (it was a present to myself) ;)

I finally got it all set up and I LOVE it! Let me know what you think - we'll have to compare notes and tips!

R said...

My Cmas was wonderful. Thank you for being part of it!