Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Day After Christmas

love this continuation of my days off! Hit Target early this morning...along with about 100 other mad, crazy women who didn't mind running you over with their shopping carts. I did NOT have the patience to stay. We bought Kayla's game that disappeared into this huge black hole of a house. And found some blue ornaments for my tree next year. Then we headed to AT&T to get my phone ALL SET UP! and I might add I am LOVING it! PLEASE....if you would like to stay in touch with me send me your phone number and email add and I will load it into my phone because YES...I splurged and got the internet package so I can be online ALL THE TIME>....wohooo! What was Billy!

We ended Christmas wonderfully. My parents came over and my mom decided that she was going to give me what I will be collecting for the rest of my She has started me a collection of antique fairy glass. It is very unique...which I love...and so many pretty colors. She got me a blue one...and a white one. My sister gave me a pink one. So yes I have been on ebay looking for more. and we are going to some antique stores tomorrow. Maybe I will find a few. Now to just find a place to put them all. HA. I need a bigger house so I can collect more stuff!

They loved their presents. I am pretty sure my mom is held up in her office using the genealogy books I got her and will be all weekend! Billy, Shawn and daddy have set off to the deer camp for the weekend.

And to top off the evening, my fantastic SIL, neice, brand new great nephew Landon and my husbands brother Randy...came over for the evening. Let me share with you the COOLEST, fun gift my SIL gave me. Shot glasses! A BUNCH of them. and I mean a bunch. And from everywhere. I was able to mark off 3 more from my list which is just way cool and exciting. I found them all a nice home last night in my shot glass collection! That was a cool gift.

So today....I finished the evening heading to Michaels to buy yet MORE stuff for next year. And Kayla and I went to the grocery store so that I don't have to go out again. Now I have taken down all the decorations with the exception of my newly put entertainment center decorations...and just await for Billy to get home and take down the tree. I would try but that sucker is a bugger. so I will wait.

I have some hot chocolate...some whip cream...and am not worrying about losing weight until January 1! lol! well that isn't totally true...but a cup of hot chocolate can't be that bad right?

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R said...

And to top off the evening, my FANTASTIC SIL, neice, brand new great nephew Landon and my husbands brother --

Well that made my day-
And now to see if I can find more shot glasses YOU NEED to ck off the list instead of adding more you had.