Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just hanging on...

Had a quick last minute gift I was asked to make today. So had to get home and get it done. Kayla had her 3 week oral surgery appointment. Things are healing up nicely. We want discuss the retainer and what he wants to do with that. yuck. We go back in a month and I hope in the mean time we can get her retainer in or try to get to the orthodontist and get a new one before all these lovely teeth start shifting around.

tomorrow I have my check up on this crud I have. Still feel yuck but not as bad as last week. I just wish it would all go away. But then again when the temps go from 20 to 70 in a week....everyone is sick in some form or fashion.

Counting down til Christmas and I have a few gift cards to get still. A few things that Shawn wants to wrap that needs to get done. Still so much to do. Clean the house. Scrap. Clean the house. Scrap some more...giggle.

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R said...

I have a timely wedding to go to in freaking Florida this weeeknd-
so when you get all your last minutes done-
Pls come do mine.
Thanks from up front.