Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What a wonderful day

I just want to thank everyone who made today so special for me. It was truly a perfect day. Even though I felt like crap from these ear/sinus infections...I couldn't of asked for a more wonderful day.

I get into my car this morning to head to work and my husband had left me a dozen roses. 6 red and 6 yellow. They were beautiful. When I got to work the girls had decorated my cubicle with spinners and balloons and signs. I was then showered with special gifts...a shot glass from Niagra Falls on the Canada side, a beautiful handmade pottery friend plate all the way from Illinois, a beautiful boquet of gerber daisies, so many wonderful cards. We went to lunch and had a great lunch. Came back to even more surprises...a hand baked pumkin spice cake with the most perfect card from the best 3 ladies...a Twilight T-shirt...Gift certifacte to Barnes and Noble (they know me well)....and just on and on.

It's so hard to receive things from people when your heart is made to give. But I thank each and every person who made my birthday so special and who MADE me accept that it is okay to accept things from others...that sometimes the giver deserves to be treated wonderful too. I love you guys!

and...Happy Birthday to me :) one year older now!


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! :)

jensmack said...

happy happy birthday to youuuuu!


latte_grande said...

So glad you had a happy birthday! Looks like you got some rockin' cool gifts, too! Sorry you're so sick though....ear and sinus infections always suck, especially when they're on your birthday! {{{{hugs}}}}