Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a day...

what a day it has been. I had the day off but I swear I wasn't home more than 2 hours. I started my day at the cardiologist which went perfect. my BP was GREAT!!! Everything sounded good so I don't have to go back for 6 more months. Then I took a trip to Staples to pick up some ink. I have a Christmas present to work on and it will recquire some major ink and paper! Then I met my WONDERFUL friend Emily for lunch, who then gave me THIS for my birthday! Does it not ROCK or what!!! I mean seriously how perfect of a gift!!!!! This is sooo flipping me. I think I will take it to work so the girls can drool over it...lol.

Then we went to Kohls and I found a cute ornament...which reminds me I can't remember where I put it..hmmmm. Went to Michaels. Then back to the dr I go for a recheck on my sinus and ear infections. They were running late....and it turns out the Zpac I took must not of liked the strain of infection I had and the infections got seriously worse. BOTH ears this time and the sinus infection is worse. SOOOOOO I get one of those lovely antibiotic shots in the tush, which I might add hurts like a bugger, and sent home with 10 more days of antibiotics and congestion meds. I missed picking up Shawn...luckily Kayla got him...and I met Angie at the daycare where she gave me a gift that came to work this morning. My sister sent me a bouquet of fresh fruit. It is simply amazing. Take a peak at this.... I mean gosh there is chocolate covered bananas in there and strawberries and those flowers are pineapples and mellons. This is just the coolest thing and you bet I will eat the WHOLE thing! and it's good for you to boot...well minus the chocolate. Once I finally got home my daughter, who could not WAIT until tomorrow, gave me my birthday gift from her.... it is wonderful. The mushroom and flowers are raised and stick out 3-Dish from the cup. She did an outstanding job on this for her first time in pottery. She has a talent that is for sure. She gave me 3 more pots, 2 pinch pots and one coil pot. They are great.
So here I am now...home finally....got a few layouts done and some cards. Did some genealogy...and now I feel like poop. I do believe it is the shot kicking in and I don't like it but anything to make this splitting headache go away.
And Robin...you will be proud because I am about to announce...TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! There I said it...lol. Doesn't seem like anyone is going to let me not celebrate it so might as well jump on the band wagon huh...lol. Hey...it shouldn't depress me to much cause geezz I still have 3 more years until it turns to the 4-0! might as well celebrate the 30's while I have them right! and by the way....to all you guys/ladies...making tomorrow so special for me...it truly is appreciated from the bottom of my heart and I love you bunches! Smooches


R said...

Oh to be in the 30's again.
My my my.
Well- happy TOMORROW!

emily said...

Happy bday, GF! Such a young girl, you are! ;D