Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday happenings...

Okay this sinus infection has got to go. Seriously. I am tired of not feeling good. I left work early today so I could come home and rest but yeah....what is rest. Which reminds me it is medicine time again. Guess I need to each...which brings on another subject. Being ditched for supper...twice now in one week. By the same person. That is starting to not sit very well with me. So here I sit, alone, hungry and not feeling well. Wonderful combination for a Friday night dontcha' think.
Here's my new favorite layout of Landon :) I did this one for this weeks Survivor challenge at Tally. Isn't he cute!
And speaking of scrapping...head on over to and be on the look out for some fun giveaways soon.
Kayla is off to the first playoff game tonight. East Paulding vs Milton. I think if we lose this one we are out which is fine by me but ya know how those kids are...they like to win and keep going and going. Shawn and Billy are hunting. In the rain. Should be interesting. We want discuss how much $$ I dropped on groceries just for this 2 night hunting trip.
Tomorrow I have some great pals coming over to scrap and make cards and just do what ever. Should be lots of fun. I just like not having to leave the house..giggle. Maybe I will get my Christmas cards done considering I always like to mail them the day after Thanksgiving and that is like...ummmm...2 weeks away! WHERE is the time going for pete's sake.


latte_grande said...

LOVELY layout! I'm sorry you're still sick...are you drinking plenty of fluids? Water and OJ are great choices. :) Take care of yourself for fricks' sake and get better soon! {{{hugs}}}

R said...

Ah yes.
SCRP-N once again w/o me!
Its alright-
I was headoverheels in love with my precious grandson spread all over the floor and across the table...
AND YES OH YES! Her daggum cards are OUT! the day after turkey.
Oriental Trading this year.
D/N tell oldest child-
the Queen Mum of stationary.

How do you do?
30 sweet cards-
One weekend-
Look like a million dollars!