Saturday, October 25, 2008

OK okay...

Alright Jen and R :) you will be proud to know I finally cut the heat on late last night. After my shivering But it is set at 67 so that it doesn't come on all the time. I want to enjoy the low power bills just a bit more!

Went loafing around this morning with Kayla. Took her to Racetrac, Sonic, Claires (all to put in job apps) and then we went to Barnes N Noble for a little book time. I wanted to get the Southern Vampire series but I just couldn't get into the writing so I ended up going home with a new Dean Koontz book and Kayla got a book too. Not sure if I will start reading it tonight or not...I have so many things I want to get finished today. Tomorrow we will have to take the cars to get the emissions checked and I need to run to Michaels.

Haven't heard from the boys so that means no deer yet. Would be nice since Shawn is sporting his birthday present, a $450 20/20 rifle AND the case his dad just HAD to buy yesterday AND the hunting license AND the $50 boots (each) that dad just HAD to buy for both of them. would be nice if they really brought home something from this weekend!

Well...there goes my to her last competition. One that I am not attending which kinds makes my heart sad. It's just to far away for me to go by myself. I hope they win tonight. I really do. She will not be getting home until about 1 am so I am sure I will be up all night. I don't like her being out that late...not by herself. It's going to be a long night my friends....long chilly night! BUT...I have hot chocolate :D

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R said...

Hot Choc spells MAJOR SUGAR to me.
Yep-you'll be pulling some major overtime.