Sunday, October 26, 2008

a part of my grandmother

I finally got around to reupholstering the office chair I got from my nanny's after she died. It was going to go to the dump but I remembered playing on it as a toddler so I asked if I could have it. It needed some work so I cleaned it up and took on the challenge of getting it fixed up. Little did I know how cool the originial chair was. I wish I could of left it that way but I couldn't. So here is the project I worked on yesterday.
The band placed second last night. Upsetting for the seniors who wanted to go out on top but still a very awesome accomplishment for this year. Unfortunately that led to some maor band drama (boy do I remember that stuff) which had Kayla pretty upset. She will have to nip this and talk to the band director Monday. I mean for petes sake she wanted to quit the band last night because of this rumor crap. And the sad high school band friends daughter is a culprit.
Anyway....only a few more games to march at...well maybe a few more than that since it looks like we might go to the playoffs...and then it is concert season and she can get away from the drama some. I just think all the kids are just worn out from all the practice and late saturday's.
The boys are coming home today :) I missed them actually. No deers. But then again...what else is new :)


latte_grande said...

That is SUCH an awesome cool that you saved it from an early demise! You've done a great job with reupholstering it, too. :)

Sorry about the band drama....I remember those days. It's so hard to let things just roll off your back when you're that age. Hopefully things will calm down soon.

Also....if they HAD gotten a dear, who would've cleaned it? Would they have kept a trophy? Just curious, since my grandpa used to hunt. :)

R said...

There are NO deer Becky-
Its all a story made up so they can catch up on all the beer tales of the summer they have been apart.
No deer, dear.
That's right -all BS.
MightTEE eXspensive BS.
With antlers.

R said...

I REALLY wonder just how old that chair was, don't you...