Friday, October 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home. Motley Crue. Man I used to so love that song. It's on my ipod now and I have the speakers cranked up and listing to some good ole '80s music and scrapping until my heart is content. The boys left to go hunting for the weekend. Kayla is off at the football game until late. So it is just me, the cats and my rockin ipod! Whomever invented these and itunes just made me a very happy girl :)

It's kinda chilly in the house too. It's been COLD here today and I refuse to turn my heat on just yet. But I have my fuzzy socks on and just trying to warm my hands. I could fuss because I don't have any hot chocolate in the house. What is up with that!

Here is one of the layouts I managed to squeak out this evening. It was for the Survivor challenge at Tallyscrapper. It was fun to do too. I just love these pictures of the boys.

I hear Landon may come home in a few days. Does he not realize I want to just squeeze him and hug him and just love on him! But he has to come home first :) so get busy little fella!

UPDATE: Kayla is home and the band won 27-7! Great win after last weeks upsetting loss. We were 6-0 until last week and tonight we were playing another 6-1 team. We are now 7-1!! and it was homecoming too but the band didn't play because it was raining so bad today. tomorrow they had off 2 hours away to a competition, their last for the year. Football season should be calming down now. We have two more games....and the last one will be hard. It will be the last football game and it is Senior night. We get to walk on the field with our daughter. I just know I will cry! I just know it!. But anyway....just a small East Paulding football/band update!


Anonymous said...

love that LO - the blue is so great - the pictures are awesome!

you haven't turned the heat on yet? OMGoodness... this FL girl turned the heat on LAST WEEK! BRRRRRRR.

R said...

Boo my love!
LOV'N the color and the expressions on their faces-
daggum! EVEN WE have cut on the heat hon over here!