Wednesday, October 22, 2008

going ons...

Had to take a break from my book for a moment. I think I might go buy a Dean Koontz book that I saw advertised today. There are 4 in the series. I am not sure I want to get involved in yet another Vampire type book. I don't want to ruin my giggly feelings for Twilight just Although the Sooky series is sounding pretty good from what I hear about the HBO show. Anyway....

Shawn is in his room playing his guitar annoying the snot out of Kayla...giggle. Gotta love electric guitars.

Billy is in the shower. There is really nothing on TV. Today has been a kinda blah day. Can't put my finger on why.

I did do just a little bit of work on my grandmothers genealogy tree (entering it into Ancestry). And let me just say there is NOT a lot of information out there internet wise on her side of the family. It is kinda depressing. I have lucked up so much with my husbands side of the tree finding information and grave stones that I am bummed it is not as easy with hers. But my husbands at least lived here in the county that we are in now...or most of them. My Nanny's lived about an hour and a half away or else in Texas. And neither of those have good cemetery pictures on line...ugh. So...I may put hers up for a while so that I don't get so discouraged and hope back over to the Thackston's and work on that some more.

Report card checks....Kayla failing one...Shawn failing two. Well at least today. Report cards officially come out friday so we will see if the teachers still have grades to put in.

I have a few DT layouts/cards to post soon for you. And if your looking to be a guest designer please head on over to Iamascrapaholic and give our visiting therapist call a try. We would love to see you over there!

Did a little Christmas shopping on line today. least one gift. I can't wait to give it to her. I think I am going to do about 95% of my Christmas shopping with handmade items this year. I think it will be fun. I just have to figure out some things...and I may make some domino necklaces for some of my friends. so we will see. If I plan on doing this then I need to get busy. My hubby is heading to the deer camp this weekend so it might be a good time to start. so....I guess I better get off here and finish this book so that I have the time to do other things.

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