Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Monday morning

Busy week this week. Crazy busy.

Today Shawn will decide if he wants to be in the Academic Bowl at school. I gotta run by Wolf Camera and pick up some pictures and then some I made to hang in my bathroom. We started hanging the chair rail yesterday. It looks great but I need new pictures in there ;) Hopefully we can get the rest of it finished in a week or so.

Tomorrow Kayla will have her consult for her oral surgery. We have it scheduled for the 24th of November.

Check out my resume blog. A big THANK YOU for my outstanding neice Rachael who made the beautiful banner for me! It's still a work in progress but I just had to swap from Scrapbook Resumes to something easier for me to manage.

And an update on Hooters. The food was kinda yucky I am sad to say...cause I love their shrimp usually. Shawn was deeply embarressed when he had to stand in a chair, were balloons waves his arms like chicken wings while the girls sang happy birthday to him. I would say he was pretty embarressed to be Kayla was appauled to be there. I didn't really care...they don't have anything I don't have really so no big deal. Billy....well if you know Billy...he could of cared So anyway...birthdays are now complete. We just have mine and Billy's left over here and we just don't celebrate them anymore...giggle. Although I secretly wish he would surprise me with something WOW and some flowers...but we know how that goes.

I did get some scrapping done this weekend amongst everything else. Started on a mini album and finished this page below. Shawn purchased his first round of supplies for his Eagle Project which he will hopefully finish this upcoming saturday. Enjoy


latte_grande said...

Holy cow, I think that resume has GROWN since the last time I saw it! Looks amazingly fab!
Lol about Hooters...I've never been there, and now I'll NEVER go for a birthday, no way no HOW!!
Love your scrappy page, can't wait to see your mini!! Aaaaand, if it's not too much to ask.....finished bathroom pics??

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

reat job Becky!!!! You are an amazingly talented gal.. Look how much your girl looks like you too!!!! such fab photos.. thanks for coming and playing at TTS.. it is so awesome to have you there!!!