Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This week happenings

Yesterday was our pre-surgery consult for Kayla. In a month and a half we will begin the long process of her tooth implant. Its been a long road trying to decide what the right route should be. The best case scenerio will be the actual implant will only cost $1500...worst case....$3600! Why that much...the surgeon fears that she might have to have a bone graft. In that case...they will have to go in and remove bone from her chin to attach to her jawbone. We want know until he gets in there to look around on November 24th. Cross your fingers that this works out in the most easist way possible.

We've been busy at the house with school stuff this week. Every day we have had something to do after school. Today I have an IEP meeting with Kayla's teachers. Hopefully it will be short. Friday we have a football game against North Cobb and Shawn wants to go as the mascot. He will have to ride the cheerleader bus up there. He said he didn't mind that one I am sure he want! We just have to find him a way home now since the cheerleaders ride home with parents after games.

Saturday he will hit his Eagle Project again and hopefully get it finished and then Kayla has another band competition. Not sure if we will be able to make that one but we will see. There is so much going on Saturday that calls my attention that I just wish I could be split into 5 people and do all 5 things. My heart wants to be in South Carolina meeting my Tally Friends as they will be enjoying the SC Tally Rally. Just know I am there in spirit gals. And have a great time. I so wish I was there with you.

On some good news...I just weighed in (we do WW here at work and just had weigh in) and I lost a lb for a total of 10.2 lbs! YEAH! I am very excited about that.

I also finished reading the final book in the Twilight series AGAIN! It was so awesome the second time around. I hated to close that book last night but seriously...I have to get back to my regular life and cleaning the house! I will forever be in love with Bella and Edward! And I DID do something I said I wasn't going to do and I submitted two pages to Somerset Magazine last night. I am not counting my chickens but we will see. I told myself I was going to stop this submitting stuff but they just had a call that screamed these two layouts...giggle. I also finished a Halloween album for last night! I can't wait to show it to you. Be watching our blog because this October kit was way cool!

Hugs everyone. Love you bunches


R said...

Well Well Well.
You finally came up for air.
Poor Edward and Bella-
Not a moment of peace without you!
Now, they in peace.

Kimmie0270 said...

Best of luck on the surgery and the Eagle Scout Project!

emily said...

Good luck on the oral consult, etc. We'll be going into something similar for Samantha as she is actually missing permanent teeth.