Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I'm tired! Seriously.
Band exhibition this evening. Can I just say I don't want to go....there is nothing like fighting hundreds of other band parents all crammed into a stadium to watch all the bands. It's just like competition saturdays (which might I add begins this saturday in Pickens County) and it is just craziness. BUT....it is the last one ever for my girl so I will drag my tired fanny to it this evening. It's at Hiram High School so I have some time to run home, finish reading my book, eat some supper and load up to head on out again.

Sticker shock is what I am in currently. Not only did we JUST get the order form for the Senior stuff but it was due TODAY. Hello....lets not give the parents time to think on things. Invitations were not as bad as I thought they would be thank goodness but we had to pay $45 for the cap, gown, diploma and tassle. There will be a $35 graduation fee??? FEE to graduate. Now I have heard everything. Of course we have to get her scheduled for the SAT, ACT or Asset test. And like NOW. So much to do. The yearbooks for EPHS will be $80 this year! Okay so that is $160 for both my kids. CRAZY!!! And do you know how many kids are in the graduation class this year....take a guess. My class in 1989 was 356 kids. Kayla's class....over 500!!!!! The largest graduation class in EPHS history. And get this....the ceremonies are on a friday night at 7 pm! It will be flipping midnight before we get home...lol! I brought all the paperwork with me to work to go over...it will take a while for this to all sink in.

Shawn. The closer his MRI gets the more nervous I am. Please send a prayer for him okay. On the freshman homefront..he is doing pretty good. His Spanish II is kinda stinking but he is doing not so bad in all his other classes and he is really enjoying Advanced Math (which I knew he would). I am very proud that he is doing well so far. I should knock on wood shouldn't I. It's only been 5 weeks since school started...lol.

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R said...

How forunate you are its in HIRAM.
Ours were always some far away place. AND FREZN!
You will miss all this hellablu! getting to everything for her too soon.
Lots of pictures of her with friends adn her making foolishness with them!