Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Monday morning

NOT. What a weekend I tell you. What a weekend.
I decided not to go to the East Paulding vs McCechern Football game friday night. We won! But I am sure it was a crowded mess up there. I pulled in the school at 3:30 and ALREADY people were parking in the grass for the game. Nuts I tell ya.

Saturday we got up and worked Shawns yard sale for his Eagle Project. It sucked. Bombed. We had what....maybe 9 people show up in a 9 hour timespan. BUT he did make $62.00 and a wonderful online friend donated $20! so that was great. He has just $168.00 left to raise but I think he can do it. He starts his project next week.

And then some time Saturday 7 horrible viruses decided to take over my computer. Destroyed. I was able to back up my pictures, documents, genealogy data and my layouts but lost everything else. I spent sunday rebuilding the computer. Now I can't find my disc for my printer to reinstall it. Great. If anything came good from runs faster

Lost all my favorites too. I always hate that. It was about 5 years worth of favorties too.

Today is Senior Parent night. We get to go and listen to what is expected of the kids, what TO expect this year, etc. Already they are asking us to order the cap and gown...and announcements. It's a crazy week. Tomorrow is the Paulding County band exhibition and we will go and watch all the bands play. And Thursday is Shawn's MRI. I am a little nervous about that. Friday is an away game thank goodness. And then Saturday Shawn starts his Eagle Project and Kayla has a band competition in Pickens County. BUSY day indeed that day.

I'm a little half way thru the second Twilight book, New Moon. I am really enjoying rereading these. I missed so much reading them so fast. I also bought me a Twilight shirt friday AND a "I Run with Vampires" bracelet that is GORGEOUS. I was going to try and make my own Twilight jewelry but yeah....changed my mind!


Rachael said...

I wanna go to the band exhib!! where?? WHEN??

R said...

Band comp- not for pregnant women.
Concrete- steps- stairs-
no bathrooms.
The senior year- full of expense-misery.
But-soon to be over...
PLS. I am pledging $50 to my Eagle Scout nephew.

Christine said...

hugs on the computer. thank goodness you were able to save stuff!