Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can I just scream...

really. I think I would feel better.
Well to start off the good news. The exhibition last night was WONDERFUL. I cried. of course. why? Because it was the last one my daughter would be in...sniff. But it was still nice. It was strange seeing the Patriots march with only 50 band members...when I went to school there we had over 120. Kayla's band, East Paulding was one of the largest ones out there with 130 kids.

Now for the crummy news. Work Sucks! I hate it. especially this week. And the air conditioner...well my dad took a look at it and we are waiting to see if it stops working again. Lets hope not. And Shawn's MRI...well that will cost us anywhere from 3-5 THOUSAND dollars! Yep you heard that right. If we can't get the insurance to appove it by 3 tomorrow afternoon...I will either have to pay that amount or reschedule and continue fighting with the insurance company. Hey people. (insurance and medical people) I just want to make sure my son is HEALTHY please and it not cost me an arm and a leg! HELLO!!!

I'm so glad today is almost over. I want a shower and just curl up with my book.

I still have so much to fix on my computer. I don't have any of my genealogy on here anymore. None of my layouts or pictures. My printer has still not been installed. All my favorites still need to be put back on. And really...I just don't have the time. this week has sucked what ever energy I had completely out. And this weekend....yeah...I wish it was 5 days longer so I could fit everything in. sigh.

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R said...

But- I loved the surgery!
whats the MRI for?
Hang it up!
I know I know. sorry.
At least your air is fixed and you won't hear Birdie's...