Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I so didn't want to post again because I didn't want that wonderful picture to go away. swoon. Edward. Bella. OMG. I will go crazy before November. is another for your entertainment :) Now seriously...wouldn't you want him kissing on you in a dark forrest! sigh
okay enough drooling now. I had to take Shawn to the dr yesterday. He has been sick for over a week now. He finally told me he wanted to go which is a sign he truly doesn't feel well. we went. He has a sinus infection and bronchitis. They gave him a shot and then loads of antibiotics and decongestants. AND took some chest xrays. It appears the dr is slightly concerned with the knot that has been on his chest for a few years now. She says it shouldn't get bigger or hurt which it does. So we have an MRI scheduled for next Thursday. If you would please say a prayer that it is nothing serious.
It's a beautiful day today. I have all the windows open and airing out the house.
AND....on a sudden decision...I submitted some work to the Dream Street Papers Design Team call. I had the honor of being a Guest DT member last December and LOVED their stuff. I will not hold my breath because I don't seem to have much luck when it comes to getting on a MDT but I really am hoping. Secretly. Cross your fingers.

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