Monday, September 15, 2008

seriously.! I found this widget ------->
I can't wait for the movie. I'm rereading the series and I am in LOVE with this picture. Okay. Call me silly. But I want a love like that! Don't get me wrong...I love my husband...but if only he could be a little bit more romantic. And show me a little more. Or just ooh and awwwh if I look pretty one afternoon. I miss that. Or if I could just meet Edward in a dark forest. Vampire and all. lol. I have to get over these books cause it really is starting to depress me that I can't be young like these two anymore. sigh.


Leah C said...

LOVE that widget and I'm TOTALLY snagging!

emily said...

I haven't started the series yet. Waiting to borrow from a friend. But I will be, based on all the buzz I hear from everyone.

R said...

I don't think I want a love like that tho-
Hmmm- no.
I am LOVIN' the music.