Friday, September 26, 2008

Finally Friday

Thank goodness. I don't think another day of this week would of been beneficial to me.

We managed, after several more hours are arguing and confusion, got Shawn's MRI completed. It turned out being an MRI with dye contrast. I asked why. The answer, "so that we can see if there there is a mass easier". Great. Shawn did wonderful. It took about 45 minutes. The technician came out while Shawn was getting dressed and told me that he would not be surprised if the dr ordered a CT Scan. That didn't make me much more comfortable. Then he asked how long Shawn had this knot. Shawn just simply asked him "what is it?" And of course the technician couldn't tell him that. Hopefully we will hear from the dr this morning. They were suppose to deliver the results to the dr STAT. At the same time Kayla was at the same drs office because she was sick. She has a horrible sinus infection. They also did blood work to check her iron and they tested her for mono. Mono test came back negative. So we just await her blook work now. But she got an antibiotic shot in the office and came home with antibiotics, cough medicine and nasal spray. And she told me that while she was there the dr kept asking about Shawn and that she was worried about him. Okay...another not good. They are all getting me so worried about this. But then my brain tells me....well if he has had it for 2 years then it couldn't be anything really bad or else he would of been sick...right? So I'm thinking it can't be anything serious. I sure hope they call today.

Football game tonight. EPH v/s Marietta High. We are 3-0 :)
Competition tomorrow night in Jasper so we want be home until midnight I'm sure. And then Shawn starts his Eagle Project tomorrow. I'm nervous about that too.

Still reading book three...Eclipse. Still loving every bit of it. I can't wait for my bracelet to come in. I hope it is this week. Actually I hope it is today. I want it! like

Oh and did I mention my husband shaved his beard off??? Man it is weird seeing him without one. I love his soft face but I miss my beard. I think he said he would start growing it back this weekend. I hope so.

First challenge is up at TallyScrapper in the Survivor challenge. And boy is it a doozy of one. I am going to "try" and scrap this evening since I don't have anywhere to go and will be waiting up for Kayla to come home. It will feel good to scrap. I haven't been in that room for several weeks now. And I am pretty sure that Memory Makers didn't like the layout I sent in for an upcoming book. Oh well. And only 1 week until the results for the Dream Street DT. Once I read the blog and saw some of the names entering...yeah...there is no way. I can still hope I guess right?


Rachael said...

HELLO! Updatte me on Shawn AS SOON as you hear something... I could tell Kayla wasn't feelin' good when she was up here Thursday..:-) Oh, and BTW, she is SUCH a senior.

R said...

My legs have always been this long and Rachael's feet almost came here that long as well.
It will be okay.

when would you like me to send my cash over that's the donation?