Tuesday, June 10, 2008

what's happening around here...

Its just been a crazy week. but then again...what week isn't these days.

We have been plugging away at this math with Shawn. His CRCT make up test is next week and I am so flippin nervous. I am just afraid I didn't give him what he needed to learn enough. I am so crossing everything that can be crossed that he passes. This week he started Day Camp with scouts and Sunday he packs up with his dad and heads to Tennessee for Summer Camp. They will come back home Wednesday so he can take the test thursday and then head back until Saturday. Lots of gas money there but it will be worth it for them to spend time at camp. Kayla started her job and so far so good. She is excited to get her first paycheck this Friday. I am to so she will stop asking for gas money :)

Well the meds they put me on didn't really help and I hurt so bad today. I wish they would hurry up and call so we can get this surgery scheduled. I hope to get some extra insurance tomorrow during open enrollment so that I am not out my deductible which is $1500! And our company changed dental insurance so I have to go do some figuring on what is best for us on that. I am trying my best to look out for us in the long run but in turn save money. With gas like it is....I figured it up the other day...we pay about $600 a month in groceries and about $600 a month in gas. So basically...I work to feed us and get us to work. It sucks. But I don't know what else to do. I cut coupons....I save....I am trying but it is just getting frustrating.

I haven't scrapped much lately. just a few pages here and there. I ran out of adhesive and just haven't spent the money to get more...lol...sad isn't it. But I did enter into the Hambly DT call. Wish me luck okay :)


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emily said...

Good luck on the Hambly call. I'm sure you'll knock'em dead!

And fingers crossed for Shawn. He'll do fine.