Friday, June 13, 2008

Just a few more days

And I send my baby off to Summer Camp. I always get nervous when he heads out. the first year he went another Scout in another state got lost. Then another year he went a tree fell in the middle of his campsite in between his tent and another. this year....4 scouts were killed in Iowa during a camp out when a tornado hit thier camp. It just never fails. Something somewhere scout related happens just before or during his trip that just scares me. This year he is going a little further away than normal and will be in Tennessee at SkyMont. He is super excited. Me...not so much. Billy is going with him this year too. I will miss both my boys. They leave Sunday (Father's Day) and will head on up. But will come back on Wednesday so that Shawn can take his test. It will cost us a good penny in gas for this but it's okay.

I'm so glad today is Friday. It's been a really LONG week. I've just been ready for it to be over actually. Tomorrow I will work a yard sale with my aunt at my nanny's house. It's hard to believe that it has almost been a year since she passed away. I have been missing her alot lately. I always miss her but I guess with it being almost the anniversary....well...she has just been on my mind alot. I wish she was here.
Kayla made it thru her first week. She gets her first paycheck today and the first thing she gets to buy.......GAS! lol. These gas prices are just horrible. We are spending $600 a month on gas. That is just crazy.
I did some scrapping last night. Of course it is more of this darn I swear that is the only thing i take pictures of anymore. The kids are horrible about not letting me take their pictures anymore. I need to work on that don't you think...giggle.
Not to much has been going on over here. Just trying to make it thru this week. Shawn will go spend the night with a friend this evening. Sometimes I wish he would understand that when he is about to go away for a while I really would like to have him home...but...he is 14...and a boy...and just doesn't understand that. Which brings me back to him being 14 and changing a bunch. I don't like that either. He is starting to do things or say things that I know is a result of being a teenager...I just miss my little baby boy. He is growing up to fast and just becoming a teenager to fast. I don't like it. But then I guess I am not suppose to huh. Kayla on the other hand...well she is still the smarty mouth kid she has always been...its just now she is 18. I have decided that when she gets married.....he is NOT allowed to bring her!
Well....I guess I better get ready for work. Oh yippee. BUT only one more day and the weekend is here. And I actually can start counting down for vacation. We leave in just 3 more weeks! Which is another story...Kayla has decided NOT to go with us this year. This will be the first year I have never had both of my children with me on our family vacation. That will be kinda weird. But she decided she wants to work. So we will see I guess. I'm sure shawn will enjoy just having himself there with us. But it just want be the same I don't think. But I am ready to break away from things and get out in the mountains in the camper. I need the relaxation right now.
okay...really...I'm getting off to get ready for work.
Chat later. Have a great day!

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