Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thank gosh...

it's almost Friday.
It's been one crazy week.
At work we have been moving our offices across the street to a new admin building. the whole billing department and some managers. Today I was helping IT set up all the computers and cabling. I was even climbing up a server box to hook up data lines. It was a crazy day and I am officially pooped. I even worked out at lunch that was a crazy work out. It was all upper body weights and such. I can feel my muscles hurting all ready. Tomorrow....oh gosh it will hurt.

Kayla started her new job yesterday. Today she had to work from 8:30-8:00. That's a long day for anyone. She is meeting the kids that she will be watching while she is doing her camp counselor job for 6 weeks. Shawn on the other hand has been really bored around the house with out his sister to

Shawn has been working really hard on his math. I hope that he does well on the retest. Next week he will be gone during the day and will be the head of the den chiefs at scout day camp. Then he leaves on Father's day to go to Summer camp. It will be quiet around the house with out his crazy butt driving us batty.

Nothing else really going on. I've been scrapping a bit. Just trying to catch up and sleep when I can


emily said...

Hey, you didn't tell me that Kayla got the job! WHOHOO! Congrats to her! So happy. And great to hear that Shawn is working hard on the math. I'm sure he'll do just fine. You've gotta be feeling like one happy/proud mama bear!

Leslie Ashe said...

WOO HOO, way to go Kayla! AND Shawn!

Just wanted to pop in and say HI to my sweet friend! I miss you so much!