Friday, April 18, 2008

You want believe it!!!

Today was our second Team Challenge! AND we had to go up and down Kennesaw mountain within an hour. It is a 1.2 mountain dirt/rock trail straight up. 1808 feet above sea level. AND I DID IT! I made it up and down. I walked most the way up. It was soooo hard. My calves were screaming at me...and I was so out of breath!! but then I saw the top...I got up there....received my mark and started back down. I ran most of the time down. I would run...and then walk then walk some....and I when I heard all the people cheering...omg it was a wonderful sound. I just started crying! My time was 40:30! Not the best in the world but hey....for someone who doesn't run and sure as heck would never of thought about walking up that darn mountain....I am so proud of myself! I DID IT!!!!!!!!

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Rachel said...

Way to go Becky! I am SO proud of you for doing all your challenges and completing them!