Monday, April 21, 2008

Heart appointment today

Well I finally made my heart appointment. Aren't you proud of me. It's been almost 2 years. I wanted to lose a bunch of weight first but I just can't get it off. and once these dizzy spells was time.

I've been taking my BP for a week now and it has been decent. Somedays really good some days ...ahhhh...a little high but not bad. It's gonna happen. I will have to take BP medicine at some point in my life. It's in the family genes ya know. But anyway...while in the office today it was like 149/100 :( yeah that isn't good at all. He was concerned about the dizziness. Asked me lots of questions. The good thing is the only time I am short of breath is when I am working out and I told him that is just due to my weight and being out of shape. Other than working out I am not short of breathe, etc. Just dizzy when I lay down or stand up fast. I have been on my antibiotics for 7 days now and really no improvement :( My ears hurt. My head hurts. Dizzy. It's weird.

But anyway....I go for an echo on Friday just to make sure the hole is not any bigger. I seriously wish he would tell me he just wants to close it. That would make me happy and then I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore ya know. But it's like 1.2:1 size...what ever that means. So I guess it is not big enough to worry about. So we will see what Friday says and if it has gotten bigger or if the chambers are inlarged.

Then I have to take my BP 3x a day for 2 weeks starting tomorrow. yeah. NOT! And go back in 2 weeks. I guess at that point he will decide what the next step will be.

EKG was good :) Normal sinus rytham...what ever that means. Just as long as it is good.

Well today started our 70,000 steps for 7 days. I have taken all of 3100 steps so far today. That sucks don'tcha think. So off I go to get the puppy out and walk a while.

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Emily said...

So glad you made the appt. I worry about you not taking care of yourself enough; concentrating on the kids and all. You gotta take care of YOU, too, so you'll be around to care for them. Be good and listen to the doc.