Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This weeks happenings

Still kinda feeling yucky. very dizzy at the oddest times of the day. Weird.

worked out Tuesday. We did pilates which was a nice change up. Tomorrow she will kick our a$$ with some cardio. And Friday we have our challenge night which is going to be at Kennesaw Mountain which terrifies me because we are thinking they are going to make us run up the mountain...ummmmmm I HATE RUNNING!!

Also will weigh in and see what I have lost or gained tomorrow. Here's hoping for more of a lost.

Blood pressure has been good this week. I've managed to keep it down. Now if I could just get this yucky stuff to leave my head I would be much better.

I am VERY anxious about getting the puppy. I want him NOW. he is just sooooo cute. We still have so much to do before Saturday...such as put wire on the fence (kinda important don't ya think)...get doggie for the garage (while it is cold and to let him get a little bigger)...get his shots lined up....oh lord who knows what else we need to do...oh a dog house (another important item)...and so far his pin has 4 posts and nothing but tree branches in it. No fence. no door. nothing. okay...DH is slacking!

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