Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Week 3 of the Biggest Loser

For some reason this week has been harder. I so did not have the energy to work out today BUT I went to an hour long aquatic aerobics class at 6 this morning and then my regular scheduled abuse session...giggle...um workout at 12:30. It was tough. Squats. Lunges. work out weights (no less than 10lbs total. It was just simple HARD. And I am beat.

I've been doing pretty good getting all my 1400 calories in. It's been tough but I'm doing it. I got on the scale today. I wish I hadn't. My scale says I have lost 4 lbs but I just know when I go thursday theirs will not be as kind. SOOOO no more scale for me until my weigh in Thursday.

I do have to admit I feel so much better. I feel like I walk taller...more proud of myself. That part is great. I just have to get over the body aches.

I decided I would join the 70,000 steps in 7 days program at the gym. It's $10 which goes to childhook obesisty. And we log our steps for 7 days. At the end we turn in our totals. Not only do we raise money for this cause but those that complete get a $100 off their membership and also a $10 off massage...which I feel I am going to need soon =)

I took Kayla to the dr today. It appears her NYC trip kinda made her sick. She has a horrible sinus infection, fever and broncitis. The dr gave her antibiotics which she proceeded to throw up this evening =(, an inhaler and some cough medicine with something to help her sleep. So after threw up I gave her the cough meds to control that cough and give her lungs a break. She is now happily snoozing away.

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