Saturday, April 5, 2008

Challenge #1

what a challenge last night. We had 5 stations and each one was physically challenging to a part of your body. I held out pretty good in several areas more than I thought I would and then sucked at a few others. But that is the name of the game right. We all earned points in different areas so it will be neat to see how the points play out on Monday. I went for a class of yoga today. Okay yeah....that is NOT as easy as it looks and I took the basic yoga class! But I completed it and feel great. I am soooo not hurting like I thought I would after two weeks now of strict workouts. I'm hoping this week will be the week that shows my hard work and that the scale will come down some. I so need that push of motivation.

Kayla is still in NYC. She called me around 12 and told me they were at the Statue of Liberty and that it was just sooooooo cool! Man I so wish I could of been there with her to experience this. I am so happy for her. She comes home tomorrow and will be one grouch pooped gal.

Gotta get some scrapping done today. Deadlines and challenges to complete so off this computer I go and back to work :)

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