Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bunches of stuff

all kinds of things going on here. I have something wrong...not sure what...but I have my ideas. I went to Yoga Friday morning and got extremely sick...dizzy, clammy, vomiting...I had to go home from work. I figured it was my blood sugar? Well I got up saturday morning to take my blood pressure and my machine was broke. So off to CVS I went. Still very dizzy but no nausea or clammy feeling. They were having a BP/Cholesterol testing thing there so I got in line. First BP was 146/98. The second was like 134/85 or something like that. A little better. This morning I had a few episodes of dizziness while I was turning over in the bed. I got up and I have been dizzy all morning. Sometimes not being able to walk straight. I can't move my head fast at all. My ears are feeling lots of pressure. I drank some juice just in case of the blood sugar thing. Took my BP and it was good....for me at was 124/83. So now I am thinking I might have an inner ear infection??? With all this pollen and allergies I could have a sinus infection that has just moved to the ears maybe. So I decided to go to the Urgent Care Center this morning and just have them take a look. I don't like feeling this way. I think I have ruled out sugar and high Blood pressure so now I just need to have them check the ears and such. I can't continue on like this at work and lord knows I can't work out if I am this dizzy. I don't know how long it takes for an ear infection to begin but I was outside for a good hour friday running in nothing but pollen. We will see.

I feel horrible cause I haven't worked out the last few days. I've been doing so good but then this little set back :(

We did go looking at a new edition to our family yesterday. HE IS CUTE. And I can't wait for him to come home with us. His name will be Shadow Chaser Thackston. He is an AKC Black Lab. his father is a black lab and his mother is a yellow lab. We have to get a pin built and get some supplies before we can bring him home.
The kids go back to school tomorrow and we count down to the end of school. Only 6 more weeks to go. Shawn takes his COCT test which determines if he goes on to the 9th grade. Kayla has to focus on getting her 2 failing classes passing. She only has to take one EOCT test this year which is good so if she can get these two grades up into the mid 70's she should be okay. We should hear the results of her Graduation test in a few weeks.
That is all for now. hugs

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Rachel said...

Yep, i'd have to say based on your description that you have a middle ear infection that is affecting your balance. Been there, done that, held on to the walls for dear life....