Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In tears....

I sit here just crying like a baby. In less than 10 hours my baby girl will be headed to the airport for her first flight ever and going to New York City. She is going with the marching band so there will be 75 other kids too but I am just scared to death. And no so much on the actual trip and what they are doing...she will have the experience of a life time seeing something I know I will never see. I can't wait to see her pictures and hear all her stories. It's the plane that scares me. I am not a flyer. I have flown twice in my life and it was not because I wanted to and the second time was the worst with a major anxiety attack and that would have been even medicated. Planes just scare me. And to think I am putting my 17 year old daughter on one is not sitting well with me. I have done the best I can to not show my fears to her because I don't want her to be scared. But....while she is in her room packing I am sitting here terrified and crying. Another chapter in the child/parent gotta let them go saga. And it just isn't sitting well with me.

I hope I can sleep some tonight because tomorrow is another huge workout day and I know I will need some rest. Weigh in is tomorrow too. I am not thinking I have done well on the losing part but we will see come tomorrow.

On the scrapping homefront...I got two pages done!! yeah! I will share them later on this evening. I feel I will get a lot of scrapping done this week while she is help calm the nerves


Kathy Carr said...

Big Hugs Becky! I put my oldest on a plane to go to Washington DC for a week when he was 17 (he got to see President Bush sworn into office). I was worried sick but knew he'd have an experience of a lifetime (plus he was great at collecting memorabilia for the album I made him - I was one proud mama). Plane are safer than cars and prayers are free. I'll add your dd to my list. And NYC was my favorite vacation spot of all time and I lived in Europe!!! It was much safer than I imagined it would be (2003).

emily said...

I know how hard it is to have your little one leave for more than a day. Although Samantha didn't get on a plane, she was gone last summer for a week. A WEEK! That was the longest week I've ever had to endure. But she was so excited and bubbling with stories and photos to share. Kayla will have some incredible memories for which she can thank you, mom.