Monday, April 28, 2008

finally home

we finally got home yesterday afternoon from our camping trip.

It was fun getting away from home for a bit but i am totally exhausted this morning and just do not want to go to work!

Kayla ending up fainting...she gave blood friday and didn't tell me. It always effects her and she is down for the count for at least 2 days so she spent friday and saturday sleeping.

I decided to run into Billy's trailer hitch and my knee looks horrible.

It rained saturday night and most of sunday but it was still a nice time. Shawn fished and fished with Charles.

Now back to the regular scheduled program and trying to get ready for work.

Went to the dr Friday and they put me on more antibiotics and a vertigo type medicine. Okay I took it for the first time last night and I STILL can't wake up from it...grrrrrr. And I had my echo on friday but so far no report. I bet I want hear anything until I go back on May 5th to see the dr again.

alright...I gotta pull myself off of here and get ready for work. In the meantime I am posting a layout I finished last night for TallyScrapper. I took this picture while camping.

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Emily said...

Glad you're back home. Hopefully, you can get rest and get back into the swing of things.

Would you tell Kayla that she, too, needs to take care of herself. I can tell she is your DD! ;D