Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Biggest Loser update

today we started week 5. It was a good day. We learned about Chi Walking and Chi Running. I actually made it around the WHOLE track without stopping! That my friends is a HUGE accomplishment for me because I haven't been able to do that at all!!! We spent most of the hour working on our core and strengthing that and learning how to walk and run with out putting so much into it. It's hard to concentrate on sucking it your tummy...pushing out your chest...walking and trying to breathe all at the same time...lol.

Our team is finally out of last place...lol! We have all been doing so well. I had a chat with the nutritionist today and she said I am doing well. Keep my calorie intake at 1400 and just be patient. I didn't put all this weight on in 5 weeks so it will take a while for it to come off. But you know me...impatient I am!

This friday is a challenge Friday so we will be gearing up to find out what it is. Hopefully it will be a little easier than the mountain.


Tami said...

but you survived the mountain and for that you need to be SO proud of yourself! i say, bring on another mountain!

Emily said...

Becky, I gotta agree. It took time for all of us to put on the weight. We shouldn't expect it to leave any quicker. Heck, we've bonded with it. It's a part of us. Like any other long-term relationship, it takes time to cut those ties that bind! ;D