Friday, March 21, 2008

The Biggest Loser

Well I did it. I signed up to be on the Biggest Loser at the Health Place at the gym near work. At first I was really nervous but now I am excited. At 175 and only 5'1 I really need to do something and now. But believe me it is not from lack of trying. I eat good, I follow the eating plan at Jenny Craig, I this and I that but it just doesn't work. I'm hoping this is what I need...that this is the starting point of a new me. I need it. I am so not happy with how I look and that reflects on how I feel and I am always grouchy. And not to mention my BP is not good and I haven't been to the heart dr in 2 years because I don't want to here him complain about me being over weight.

We start Tuesday. check back to see how we are doing. This will be my weight diary :)


emily said...

I'm rooting for ya, Becky! And I do understand your chagrin. I've been trying to drop 10...just TEN! And it's just not happening! Maybe we can make this work together.

Shirley said...

Good luck Becky!! I wish I could be there to do this with you!