Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tally Challenges

we had some GREAT challenges this last weekend. One of the biggest challenges at least for me was this one. I was challenged to use every letter a-z on a layout. so I decided to paint the paper, use stickers, paint over them and create a mask with the stickers. I wasn't sure how it would turn out but it was kinda fun. What do you think?
I showed it to my son and he liked it but said "Mom....can we retake the picture cause that shirt I am wearing is gross"!
A big thank you to Minda for making this awesome blog header for me. I am soooooo blah when it comes to doing things digital. I LOVE IT Minda!


Leah C said...

ROFL.. his shirt doesn't look gross.. kids!
Love the complete masking.. i've done partials before, but not the whole page.. creates a wonderful look!

mindakims said...

WOW, I love that technique, now I have to go find it in the gallery!

I'm glad you liked it, that is the one I liked the best too!