Sunday, December 16, 2007

Good Sunday morning

It's cold and windy here. No snow even though I am wishing for it. The kids are off with their dad doing some Christmas shopping for me this morning. IT's so funny because they will call ever so often and say....generally speaking would you like so in so...giggle. Those goof balls. While they were gone I got some wrapping done ;)

We went and saw Finley yesterday. She is my friends baby who was born Friday morning. 9.5lbs. She is such a cutie. I wanted to hold her so bad yesterday but I know if I do then I will get back into my wanting another baby mode and that just makes me sad cause I know I want ever have another.

Also got my Blurb albums mailed off yesterday. I sure hope my family loves them. I know I love mine.

Abby has tagged me but I gotta find the tag stuff first...giggle

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