Thursday, October 4, 2007


Sharing some layouts I made for the challenges at place rocks! It is so totally addicting. And the ladies there are sooooo nice.
Well shoot...I can only get one to upload. Well this one was made for the Week 2 Survivor Challenge. We had to use paint and sew on the page. I had so much fun just doing nothing but painting the background. This is Leigh. My dear friend I lost to Cancer in April. It felt great to get this layout done and I will make a copy to send to her family for their album.
life- Still more difficulty with the middle school...grrrrr. I don't think anything would make me more excited than Shawn going to the high school. I wish it was NOW. Report cards go out next week. I am nervous about Kayla's but trying not to be.
Books- just finished a great read that is a high recommendation for all parents - Scream Free Parenting - it ROCKS and I am trying so hard to incorporate it into my every day life
Weight - sucks. Had a looooonnnng talk with my Jenny Craig consultant today. something has got to give

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