Friday, October 5, 2007


finally...something going our way. shawn received yet another detention from you know who! We talked to him last night and feel from deep in our gut that he is really telling us the truth. So we told him to make an appointment with the assistant with her...and go from there.
She will not reverse his detention...which is fine..I am okay with that..BUT the great news....they moved him from that class....and her homeroom! So he is starting off with a new homeroom teacher....and all is great :) He told me today that he went to his new math class and actually LEARNED something in there!

Please....just a prayer that this is what we needed and it will all be okay from here on out.

Kayla has a football game tonight. I think we will order pizza and just sit at home. It's icky weather and I just really don't want to get out in it ya know. Maybe I can scrap tonight :D

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