Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Have you ever wondered

why you keep a blog? I do all the time. I am so horrible about updating this one but at the same time it is fun to have a place to just jot down happenings....but again..I don't update often. Sorry

In my world...what's happening lately. Let's see.
Charlee, Rachel and Mikki told me about a new site OMG this place is fun. I love it. So I have been there a lot sharing layouts...working on a few challenges and giving out Tallypoints :D Entered a contest at and just finished challenge 1. I will post it later..I promise..giggle :) I got my copy of the Oct/Nov Somerset memories and they have my layout in there titled "Home". I was super excited to see it in there. I love this magazine. So many different styles are represented.

It's been kinda crazy around here. I finished up my fundraising for the Breast Cancer Walk. We have raised over $1200 so far! now I am switching gears and working on the Vision Walk. I have my first 3 mile walk this weekend for the Memory Walk. I am a little nervous about it...I am thinking I might have a stress fracture in my foot so walking is not going to be a good thing but I will suck it up and do it anyway. This walk is for my Nanny Thomas so I need to do it. Weight....omg...let me just tell you I hate this. I have now gained even more weight then I had last year and I have been doing Jenny Craig faithfully! I don't know what else to do. It's really getting frustrating for me and I am to just give up!

Scrapped a bit last night. Felt great.

Now off to work we go

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mommamikki said...

I feel your pain Becky about weight...I can't seemt o get mine down either...Excercise like crazy and watch what I'm eating and still no weight lost! I've just about given up too. But I feel so guilty!